Earth 2915 – 3029

In 2915 the Earth’s orbit shifted from an unknown anomaly. To this day, researchers are unable to determine what caused this to happen. The anomaly caused the Earth to be slightly closer to the sun. Close enough for freshwater sources to start drying up. This event became known as the Torrefy. The day the Earth started to die. Land that was once fertile grounds slowly became an abandoned wasteland. Wars broke out, governments were abolished, and countries were no more. Between the famine and wars, over 7 billion souls were lost. Space travel outside of our system to inhabitable planets was still very early yet a plausible option for the affluent few able to seek a new life. Those with wealth and influence took over what remained.


The surviving coastal cities became gigalopolises in the century following the Torrefy. The vast majority of the remaining population of 5 billion was forced towards the coast. These cities quickly became expanded territories controlled by private military forces of aristocrats. The status of wealth and influence created a divide between the populace that had never been seen before. The wealthy live luxurious lives while the majority of the population are just trying to survive or make it off the planet.