Faction Members

The city of Carver was in a state of constant unrest. Different factions vied for power and influence over the city, each with their own agenda and methods.

Last Dawn: The Resistance Group Fighting Against Oppression in Carver City
The Last Dawn, a resistance group, had been growing in number, fueled by citizens tired of oppression and the Carvers’ ruling class. They conducted anti-Carver propaganda, intercepted shipments to Elysium, and sabotaged CCPD and S-Tac.

The Purists: The Cultish Group of Purebloods Fighting Against the Mutated Continuum

Meanwhile, the Purists, a nomadic group of pure blood humans, were outcasts from society for their cultish beliefs against the Mutated Continuum. They indoctrinated their children in combat and deception, intending to create soldiers to fight against evolution. They sabotaged science and technology companies and assassinated prominent researchers, roaming the Outlands in search of other purebloods.

Takeda Clan: The Ruthless Crime Lords Controlling the Drugs and Entertainment in Carver City

The Takeda Clan, led by a lineage of crime lords, flaunted their power openly, believing in honor and loyalty above all else. They controlled most of the drugs and comfort entertainment in the city, and the Carvers avoided them to avoid starting an all-out war.

Sacra Unita: The Shadowy Organized Crime Group Dealing in Illegal Weapons and Tech in Carver City Sacra Unita, an organized crime group, operated in the shadows, dealing mostly in weapons and illegal tech while controlling legitimate businesses to cover their tracks. They had established themselves as a powerful force in the city.

Crimson Net: The Collective of Tech-Obsessed Criminals Operating as a Hive in Carver City

Finally, the Crimson Net was a collective of criminals obsessed with tech, operating as a hive thanks to their illegal body mods and connection to the black shard network. They conducted heists, hacking, and mercenary work, working for the highest bidder and frequently collaborating with other criminal organizations and even the Crats.

The city was a powder keg waiting to explode, with each faction jockeying for power and influence. The Last Dawn saw themselves as the only hope for the citizens of Carver, while the other groups continued to operate with impunity. The future of the city was uncertain, and it remained to be seen which faction would come out on top.