The Evolution of Humanity: How Animal DNA Saved Carver City

In the year 3137, Carver City, once known as the City of Angels, had become one of the last remaining gigalopolises on the coast that was still thriving. The world was a shadow of what it used to be, and the Torrefy had caused most of the land and resources to dry up. Famine, war, and governments being abolished had resulted in over 7 billion lives being lost. The Earth had started to die.

Despite the tragedy, the Mutated Continuum had come into existence, and Mutariuum Labs had already expanded to every major city. The Carvers owned the labs and offered affordable DNA treatments that would augment the afflicted and cure their ailments by splicing animal DNA. This gave rise to a new generation of humans with animalistic features and cybernetic body modifications.

In Carver City, the Carver family attempted to maintain control over the city and its citizens through their privatized military and police force, while various criminal factions made their play for the throne. The city’s citizens made up the majority of the population, just trying to make it through their everyday lives and put food on the table.

As the situation worsened, a resistance group formed to take down the puppet masters who played with the lives of the people. Meanwhile, a group of pure-blood fanatical zealots looked to a future where humans were restored to their “natural” form. The criminal underworld was divided, and each faction looked to fund their wars through illegal activities, often preying on Carver City’s less fortunate.

The Mutated Continuum had created an unexpected opportunity for the Carvers, and it had secured their perdurable monument. However, it was not enough to save the planet. The Earth’s orbit had shifted, causing the planet to dry up and become uninhabitable. Now, only the wealthy and influential could seek a new life outside of the solar system, leaving the rest of humanity to fight for survival in the dying world