The Seaside Paradise

Nearly a dozen centuries have passed since Carver City was last called the City of Angels. In the time before the Second American Civil War, Los Angeles had grown to become the hub of freedom for those left unsatisfied by the state of the union. Following the war, much of the Pacifico Territory was left completely uninhabitable. Pressure began to squeeze the oligarch profiteers. Their war had created an unexpected opportunity. Biological warfare on a grand scale had resurrected illnesses from the past with no modern treatment available. Everyone was affected, and no immediate answer was in-sight. Enter Dr. Taro Higashi.


In 2318 the Carvers established Mutariuum Labs with Dr. Taro Higashi, renowned neuroscience professor from UCLA.  His work titled, “The Mutated Continuum: Principles of Human Evolution” began as only a theory. Could splicing animal DNA augment the afflicted and cure their ailments? As testing continued, more and more could corroborate that Dr. Higashi had made the impossible- possible.  By 2462 the Mutated Continuum had already been set into motion. While some people were resistant to human evolution in such a manner, the Mutated Continuum became the status quo. The Carvers owned Mutariuum Labs and quickly expanded to every major city. They offered DNA treatments at such affordable costs that anyone could get the procedure done. By 2782 the majority of the population was spliced, if not already the offspring of those spliced with animal DNA. The Carver’s work with Mutariuum Labs had secured their perdurable monument.